“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.”

V. Kandinsky



Abstract painting and photography - Modern abstract art

Daniele Calvani’s research in the artistic field starts from photography to arrive at painting.
In reality, the transition from photography to painting represents a natural evolution within the world of abstraction with a recourse to instinctive gesture and improvisation.
With photography shooting with very long exposures and with the camera in motion, the colors of objects lose their consistency, dilate, liquefy, blend together, often taking on unexpected nuances!

Reality or more simply the subject is transformed, loses its physical characteristics becoming just a distant trace that is difficult to decipher.
With painting the artistic media changes but paradoxically the final result remains similar. Immersion in color appears even more engaging and visceral. The journey followed in the elaboration of the work starts from a single pre-defined data: the choice of colors and shades. The execution instead is free, spontaneous with surprising results. Abstraction becomes the way to express the deepest emotions of the artist free and without rules.