Daniele Calvani was born in Lugagnano Val D’Arda (Italy) on April the 4th, 1967 and lives in Massa (Tuscany, Italy). Always passionate about arts, he focused in iconographic painting for years, attending several courses in Italy.
Since 2005 he approached photography and since 2014 has he developed the technique of shooting with a camera in movement.
This technique lets the artist play and improvise colors with the maximum of freedom and overlapping photographies – meaning overlapping of color layers – to the creation of the final work, typical of pictorial arts (in particular of the iconographic one).
From 2021 back full-time focused in painting and pure abstraction.


  • Affordable Art Fair – New York – Gallery “Palma Arte” September 2018
  • Affordable Art Fair – Milano – Gallery “Statuto 13 – February 2018.
  • Finalist Regional Salons “Lynx Award” – Exhibition in Trieste – December 2017
  • Biennial in Rome at the Domiziano Stadium in Piazza Navona – December 2017.
  • Collective Exhibition “The Originals” Gallery “Rosso Cinabro”, Rome – November 2017;
  • Collective Exhibition “Artworks Connection” – Gallery “Rosso Cinabro, Rome – October 2017;
  • Collective Exhibition “The Charm of the Infinite” – Simultaneous Art Spaces of Florence – October 2017;
  • Collective Exhibition “September Contemporary” – Gallery “Rosso Cinabro”, Rome – September 2017;
  • Collective Exhibition Gallery “ZeroUno” in Barletta – May 2017;
  • Second Personal Exhibition – Gallery “Palma Arte” in Piacenza – July 2016;
  • Gallery “Palma Arte” in Piacenza and A.A.F. of Hampsted Park in London – June 2016;
  • “First personal exhibition in the Art Gallery “Studio 13” titled “Contest” – Marzo 2016;
  • Exhibition from “Palazzo della Permanente” in Milan – October 2015;
  • Finalist of Premio Arte 2015 (Mondadori – Cairo Editore);

“I love to improvise with colors,
just like jazz music“